Sex Push-Ups, Leg-Drops, And Fans: The 10 Most Infamous Musical Performances Of 2013

by (@JordanRuntagh)

4. Lady Gaga’s Sex Push-Ups With R. Kelly On SNL

Mother Monster was doing double-duty as host and musical guest on the late-night institution when R. Kelly made a unannounced appearance to perform his vocal duties on their new song, “Do What U Want”. As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, the pair soon went got down and dirty during the second verse, engaging in what has become officially known as “sex push-ups.” They followed it up with an equally crazy turn at the AMAs a short time later, but nothing will ever equal the shock of the sex push-up’s network television debut.


3. Miguel’s Leg Drop At The Billboard Awards

We’d gotten pretty sick of watching Miguel perform “Adorn” for the zillionth time at an award show, but his spot during the Billboard Awards in May, so he tried to add in some enthusiastic athletics to keep it interesting. Unfortunately, his attempt at a long jump between stages failed, and he delivered a severe drop-kick to a fan’s head! The woman, Khyati Shah, is concerned that she suffers from head trauma and even brain damage.

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