Sex Push-Ups, Leg-Drops, And Fans: The 10 Most Infamous Musical Performances Of 2013

by (@JordanRuntagh)

2. Beyonce’s Hair-Raising Gig

Queen Bey had a problem with a different kind of fan! Her tresses got tangled up in the blades of a wind machine right the middle of her epic power-ballad “Halo!” But ever the pro, she didn’t miss a beat or a note and kept right on singing as stage crew worked to free her. Did it influence her decision to chop her long locks/remove her weave a few weeks later? We wouldn’t be surprised!


1. Miley + Robin Thicke + Foam Finger At The VMAs

It was unavoidable. We’ve all seen it. We all wish we hadn’t seen it. Let’s leave it in 2013 and never look back.


BONUS: Carrie Underwood Hears The Sound Of Critics

Messing with (or “revisiting”) a classic is always a bad idea, as Carrie found out the hard way when she starred in an oddly controversial live television performance of The Sound of Music. She gave the performance her all, but it could never live up to the expectations set by fans of the beloved original with Julie Andrews (not to mention relatives of the actual von Trapp family).

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