The Best Songs Of 2013 (According To Your Friendly Neighborhood VH1 Staffers)

by (@unclegrambo)


Yesterday, we successfully brought you the VH1 staff’s favorite albums of 2013 without any bloodshed, and we’re happy to report that no one’s brain exploded while trying to narrow down the amazing albums of 2013 into a concise list. However, now it’s time to talk about how most people listen to music these days: By the song.

Interest in the album, as a format, has been on the decline since the ’90s, but it can be argued that the power of the single has never been stronger. Radio, of course, has known this for darn near 50 years now, but thanks to the rise of iTunes and on-demand streaming services like Spotify, consumers are now free to create their own custom playlists on a song-by-song basis. And that’s exactly what we have done for you here with this list, VH1’s Best Songs Of 2013.

We asked our staffers to send along a list of their favorite tracks of the year, all 171 songs of which we turned into a Spotify playlist (see below), one that runs the gamut from pop to hip-hop to R&B to country to indie rock (and then back again). To summarize, though, here were the tracks that got the most shine from our panel of music experts:

Here’s the entire Spotify playlist for you. Our suggestion? Just hit shuffle and enjoy the ride!

Now, on with the show!

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