VH1 Staff Picks: 14 Amazing Bands You Need To See Perform Live In 2014


6. Phish

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t really care for jam bands. There are too many hippies and not enough hooks, and I’ve always felt that noodling is something to be enjoyed while sipping on ramen. All kidding aside, though, run –DON’T WALK!!– to purchase a Phish ticket the next time they come through your town. If it helps to convince you, pretend you’re on a cultural anthropology expedition and your mission is to soak up the culture of the most carefree members of our society. Go to the venue with an open mind, a few friends, and a pot brownie or three and I promise that you’ll be blown away by the lights, the music, the witty rapport (and, of course, the THC) for the next three hours. WOLFMAN’S BROTHER, MANNNNN! -Mark Graham


5. Iggy Pop (with or without The Stooges)

First time I saw him the opening band was an unknown group from L.A. called Jane’s Addiction. They were pretty good but Iggy made their set seem forgettable. Shirt off, all over the place, singing the cream of his Stooges material and manhandling mic stands like they were mortal enemies and considering he brained himself with them a few times maybe they were.  The reconstituted Stooges are one of the great unsung bands of rock n’roll, punk, hard rock or otherwise, and are now finally getting their due. Iggy is 66 and has more energy on-stage than performers a third his age and the band still attack their material like feral dogs with a mailman in site. -Ben Smith

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