VH1 Staff Picks: 14 Amazing Bands You Need To See Perform Live In 2014


2. Prince

“Prince: Number One performer. Mic drop.” says VH1’s own Orlando Lima. What else is there to say? Looking at his stellar set at the 2007 Super Bowl (or pretty much any gig he’s ever played), it’s hard to argue with that! The Legend of Paisley Park legend has been going crazy and making it (purple) rain for decades now.


1. Bruce Springsteen

We’ll admit it up front: for years we didn’t really get the big fuss about Springsteen. Sure, he’s got some good tunes, but what’s with all of the fanatical devotion that’s been going for 40 years without stop? Then we saw him live…and suddenly, we got it. His epic three-hour performances feel like a religious revival meeting, with Bruce presiding from the stage, leading a roll call of his (pretty mammoth) E-Street Band. He creates a community in a stadium, and appears to have a blast doing it. Simply put, the guy clearly cares. He wants to save your soul with rock ‘n’ roll, and he’ll go as long as it takes -displaying more energy as 63 than we do at half that age. Have no doubt, Bruce truly is The Boss. -Jordan Runtagh



Sir Paul McCartney

Because seriously, how often do you get to see a Beatle?

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