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Welcome Back, Fall Out Boy! (Your Songs Still Have The Most Wonderfully Ridiculous Names)

Fall Out Boy is getting back together. It’s all very exciting. Their new single, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” is TWELVE words long (including what’s in the parenthesis) and as far as I’m concerned, each word is more thrilling than the last. Because aside from being known as the band with Pete Wentz, they’re also quite well known for having the most wonderfully ridiculous song titles. Ridiculous(ly awesome) in length (and super into the usage of the parenthetical aside). In honor of their new single and its TWELVE WORDS, I’ve ordered some of the worst FOB offenders from least to most offensive. See if you can figure out what the songs are about just from the titles!

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Kick Off Your Grammy Night With VH1’s Carrie Keagan And Jim Shearer

Carrie Keagan Jim Shearer VH1 Grammys Livestream

As you prepare your dips and diva stances before Sunday’s Grammy Awards, allow us to announce something that will make your average award show routine that much more awesome. VH1 is teaming up with fellow Viacom networks CMT, LOGO, and MTV to bring you around-the -clock coverage before, during, and after Music’s Biggest Night. Want to get involved? All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. (You might want a comfy couch and some snacks. These things tend to run well into the night.)

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Fall Out Boy Talks The Death Of 2003 And Dinner Dates With 2 Chainz

Fall Out Boy Interview

It all started with an unexpected press release early Monday, while many were still dealing with the lingering effects of a Super Bowl XLVII. Fall Out Boy, your favorite pop-punk-rock outfit of the mid-aughts who’ve never cared for brevity in song titles, have a new album, single, video, AND tour on the horizon, and are celebrating their return with a string of intimate shows in front of fans who never left 2003. While the band isn’t necessarily trying to relive the past, they believe they’re currently stronger, tighter, and making better music, nearly 10 years later.

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Fleetwood Mac Talks Tumultuous Past: “We All Paid A Price For That Emotionally”

We had the nerve-wracking honor of sitting down with Fleetwood Mac recently and chatted with the iconic band about their upcoming tour and the re-issue of their album Rumours, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this week. Most interesting was the group’s willingness to discuss their torrid, rocky personal past with each other, which included break ups, make ups, affairs, drug abuse and lots of legendary songs about it all. The band says that emotions and feelings still pop up when performing together on-stage, where their songs live on even after the old feelings and feuds they detail have long-since died.

“All those feelings that you have for each other do come out on stage,” Stevie Nicks told VH1.”Because you’re telling the stories when you sing the songs, so you are in a way re-enacting what happened.”  Read more…

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People Are Already Disappointed With Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Album Cover

Likely because the first night of American Idol‘s Hollywood Week didn’t require your full attention, Justin Timberlake revealed the official artwork and track list for The 20/20 Experience on Twitter Wednesday night.

But maybe you couldn’t figure exactly how out to find the latter? Being the kind of tech guy who wears hands-free mics but not black turtlenecks (…yet), Timberlake pealed back another layer of his highly anticipated studio return via Stipple, a new image sharing start-up designed to “do more with less” and “get people talking.” The response?
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The Music Of Nashville Episode 12: Love In An Elevator

The music of Nashville episode 12
This picture! Yesssss!!

This episode of Nashville had it all, didn’t it? By all, of course, I mean solid music, a wish (of mine) fulfilled in the form of hot elevator kissing between Rayna and Deacon (at last!), and my other wish, that of Avery getting the crap kicked out of him by Gunnar, also being fulfilled. Perfection! Read more…

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Olly Murs Laments A Certain “Troublemaker” In Exclusive You Oughta Know Live Performance

Olly Murs was without new friend Flo Rida during our You Oughta Know shoot, but between his distinctly Brit-ish pronunciation and the improvised moves of his enthusiastic backup dancers, we didn’t even sweat. (Sorry, Flo!) This month’s featured artist broke down current single, “Troublemaker,” for YOK Live, bringing an infectious energy to our personalized stage, as well as a stellar band.

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The Lumineers Unveil New Video For “Stubborn Love”: Watch It Here!

Former You Oughta Know act The Lumineers have flown the coop since being featured back in July, now headed for the big, bad Grammy Awards in Los Angeles this very weekend. We couldn’t be prouder! To help celebrate all they’ve accomplished, we’ve got our hands on a first-look at their latest music video for “Stubborn Love,” available exclusively here on VH1.

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