Who Knew?! Actors Who Have Released Albums

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Robert Downy Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Bruce Willis may not have a lot in common, but they do have one thing – they’re are all fabulous actors. Oh, and they’re pretty sexy (in their own rights). But there’s one more common thread these movie stars share, and it has nothing to do with their on-screen brilliance. Oh, no, no. It has to do with their karaoke skills. Well, kind of. Would you believe us if we told you these guys have each released albums? It’s true! They’ve got singing pipes. Or at least they think so.

It’s always shocking (and hilarious) when an actor releases a totally terrible album – and you can’t help but wonder, What were they thinking??  It’s equally surprising when an actor transitions into singing and they’re actually fantastic (case in point: Catherine Zeta-Jones’ jaw-dropping showcase in Chicago.) So go ahead and sort through our gallery of Actors Who’ve Released Albums to discover the 20 celebs you didn’t know sang on the side. Some of the albums are fantastic… some of them are drastic. You be the judge.

Here’s ScarJo’s “Falling Down” from her Anywhere I Lay My Head album.

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