Nicki Minaj’s Sexiest + Most Scandalous Looks

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Nicki Minaj is as famous for her ability to spit incredible rhymes as she is for the scandalous, sexy and outrageous outfits she wears. It seems that every time Ms. Minaj walks out the door, takes the stage or snaps a selfie on Instagram, she’s making a shocking fashion statement. And we can’t get enough of her lascivious looks!

When Nicki Minaj first exploded onto the hip hop scene in 2009, she was as hyped up for her rap skills as she was for her eye-popping ensembles. She not only brought an ample amount of feminine sex appeal to the game, but she also brought a sense of theatricality.

Since then, she’s stunned us by showing up on award show red carpets looking either like an alien, a sex goddess, a provacateur or all three at the same time. She showed up at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards wearing a simple pair of khakis and a not so simple corset that looked like bondage wear. Soon all eyes were on her and her, uh, cleavage.

Nicki’s decolletage actually caused a firestorm of controversy earlier this year when some people thought that she was dressed too sexily for the family show, American Idol. On the night in question, Minaj was wearing a tight red dress with a cut out for her cleavage.

However, Nicki isn’t just a fashion diva on stage and on screen–she also pushes the sartorial envelope in her day-to-day life, too. She frequently posts photos of herself in super sexy (and super tight) outfits on Instagram. She upped the ante this past Halloween when she posted a selfie of herself as a naughty and nearly naked police officer.

The 20 looks on our list are either so weird, so racy or so non-existent that we’re still talking about them years after Nicki Minaj’s taken them off.

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