A History Of Drake In Tank Tops

by (@emilyexton)
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Remember when Drake seemed to only wear sweaters? Those cozy knits and color-coordinated cardigans perfectly complimented his vulnerable rhymes. Oh, how times have changed.

As we’ve previously observed, Drake can’t stop having fun–in his videos, at award shows, on his Instagram account–and he hasn’t been wearing full sleeves for roughly two years. That specific timeframe is likely an exaggeration, but Drizzy definitely bought tickets to the gun show sometime after the release of sophomore album, Take Care. He’s put the work in, too. These are not Jimmy Brooks’ biceps, Degrassi fans.

Because it’s freezing throughout much of the East Coast, and those shoulder tattoos were made to be gawked at, we’re giving you a look at the many sleeveless wonders that fill Drake’s closet. And who knows? Maybe by year’s end he’ll deliver one of the best performances in male toplessness. There’s not much left to lose.

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

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