Blast From The Past: 2014 Album Releases That Prove The ’90s Are Back

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With a new year comes new music, and 2014 is no different. But when looking at the spate of albums set to come out this year, we noticed that 2014’s potential offerings seemed to constantly take us back to one of our favorite decades for music — the ’90s.

Of course, many of our favorite artists who hit it big in the ’90s never totally stopped recording, but some didn’t produce nearly as much music in the aughts or they used the past decade to branch out with other projects. Either way, we’re glad to see they’re back on the roster and we’re secretly hoping they can re-create some of that ’90s magic while still updating their sounds for a new era.

Take a look at our gallery of musicians that we rocked out to 20 years ago who are back and vying to grab our ears with new tunes. In the comments, tell us whose album you’re anticipating the most!
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