You Might Want To Sit Down For This: The 20 Sexiest Chair Dances Of All-Time

by (@kat_george)
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As it turns out, “on a chair” is an incredibly sexy place to dance. Who would have thought that such a commonplace, household object, could inspire such passionate, lusty movement? With Britney Spears as its ultimate proponent (you’ll see), the chair dance is a ubiquitous part of music video choreography.

In the ’90s, it was all about sitting on chairs backwards, and don’t think that most trendiest of ways to sit hasn’t been translated into countless chair dances. Dominated by the ladies (because let’s be real, there’s very few men that can sexily pull off a spread eagle) the chair dance may have been the calling cards of 90s music video, but the style hasn’t gone away, and recently has built some momentum with babes like Ciara and Nicki Minaj taking their seats.

Chairs and sex in music videos are inextricably linked, and for whatever reason, this practical item, generally paired with a table, now goes best with some sharp choreography and booty shaking. From Janet Jackson to Rihanna, from Kylie Minogue to Madonna, those performers who just know about sex have danced up on a chair at some point in their careers. Take a peek at some of the most salacious chair dances in pop music history.

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