Noel Gallagher Rips Apart Oasis’s Videography: His 10 Most Hilarious Comments

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What happens when Noel Gallagher watches all of Oasis‘s music videos? He rips them into pieces! Even though Oasis: Time Flies 1994-2009 came out over three years ago, someone dutifully (and brilliantly) clipped together all of Gallagher’s video commentary. It’s 10 minutes of nonstop insults, complaints about the creation of videos and confusion about what he’s watching. There are even more f-bombs than The Wolf of Wall Street!  (Okay, that was a hyperbole, but you get the idea.) Check out his most ridiculously funny comments.

(The full video at the bottom.)


1. “What was I wearing there? I look like fucking Columbo.”

“Live Forever”

2. “Is that how easy it is? Just fucking randomly suggest nonsense and people just go on [and] film it.”

“Cigarettes & Alcohol”

3. “It’s like a fucking scene from Britain’s Top Model.”

(Anyone else surprised that Gallagher knows about the UK spin-off of Tyra’s reality competition show?)


4. “I was fucking drunk in this video. Look how pissed I am there … I remember Liam being furious that day because I think it was the one time I’ve been more drunk than he has.”

5. Producer: “Do you ever get involved in any of the ideas?”

“I fucking hate videos. I hate everything about them. I hate the fact that they cost a fortune. I hate the fact that you have to be in there at eight in the morning. I hate that you don’t leave until eight the fucking next morning. I don’t like the fact that people who are making them think they are fucking making Apocalypse Now.”

“Stand By Me”

6. “Is this leading up to something? [To producer] Have you seen this video?”

Producer: “It’s all backwards.”


“All Around The World”

7. “Robbie Williams based his entire fucking career on this song. That’s what I hate about this.”

8. “Why didn’t somebody fucking stop me at that point?”

“Who Feels Love?”

9. “Thank god that’s over.”

“Sunday Morning Call”

10. “I fucking hate this next tune. I really fucking hate it.”

The Edited Commentary

Fin: “Fucking dreadful!”

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