10 Classic Rockers With Little-Known (And Awesomely Bad) Disco Phases

by (@JordanRuntagh)


Disco. Even after almost forty years we still don’t fully understand it. It came on like a force of nature; strong and fast, swiftly devouring everything in its path. It swallowed up formerly rockin’ musicians and in their place left lame overly-catchy songs with throbbing bass. It wasn’t pretty. But by god, it was fun to dance to! It seemed like everyone had a “disco phase” in the late ’70s…even bands that probably wish you’d forget all about it. Read on to hear 10 Saturday Night Fever-worthy tunes from the most unexpected of bands. Strap on your platforms and enjoy!

10. “Here Comes The Night” by The Beach Boys (1979)

America’s band traded their famous harmonies for a robotic vocoder on this re-imagining of their 1967 song, “Here Comes The Night.”


9. “Back Chat” by Queen (1982)

Bass-player John Deacon wrote this funk fresh track from the royal band’s Hot Space disc.

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