Battle Of The Babies: Blue Ivy Carter And North West Face Off

by (@emilyexton)
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In the last two years no children have captured our attention quite like Blue Ivy Carter and North West. As the products of two pairs of adored celebrities, each of these little ones was celebrated, gossiped about and analyzed before she emerged from the womb. What will the name be? Who are the godparents? What kind of fashion is she rocking in the maternity ward? The speculation was endless. Now that they’re here, it’s difficult to deny that their young lives are already a lot more fabulous than our own.

There are plenty of powerful celeb spawn learning to crawl, talk and eat solid foods as we type, but none are as high-profile as BIC and Nori. These two are also family friends, likely spending many future holidays and birthdays together until they’ve each eclipsed their parents fame–or managed to escape to one of the family’s many Illuminati hideaways. In the world of celebrity babies with ostentatious swag, who is living her best life right now? I’ve tasked myself with comparing the living arrangements and loved ones of each famous baby, ultimately declaring a winner. It’s the battle of the babies, and there can only be one…

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