What’s Miley Cyrus Like In Bed?

by (@kat_george)
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We’ve always wondered what Miley Cyrus would be like in bed. Haven’t you? Since she’s come into her own as a brashly sexy adult woman, little else has been on our minds. Lucky for us, Miley Cyrus has a penchant for showing off her in-bed antics on her social media accounts. On both her Instagram and Twitter accounts Miley’s favorite sort of selfie seems to be the kind taken while she’s on her back, reclining on a mattress. As such, we’ve learned a lot about what Miley Cyrus is like in bed.

But the bedtime fun does stop at social media — Miley’s got a penchant for bed even in her music videos, from “Who Owns My Heart” to “Adore You.” Even her recent TV spot on Two And A Half Men had her in bed with Ashton Kutcher. Sometimes she’s dressed, sometimes she’s not; but the most important thing we can take away from this all is that we now know exactly what Miley Cyrus is like in bed.

From the moments when she’s sleepy to the moments when she’s jazzed, we’ve got all Miley’s intimate in-bed moments so we can piece together exactly what it would be like to be in bed with Miley. And who doesn’t want to be in bed with Miley?

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