Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre: Heavy Metal’s 13 Most Romantic Love Songs


What with tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, we’re turning our affections to the heavy metal love song. A rare species indeed. And no, we’re not talking about glam metal power ballads here, because those are anything but rare, and usually anything but metal. We’re talking about real heavy metal bands. Bands that are typically, consistently and truly heavy but aren’t afraid to show a different side. Bands that prove that beneath the hardened, aggressive, angry-as-hell exterior lies a warm, fuzzy, though perhaps blackened, center. Bands that prove that at the end of the day, we’re all human and dare we say, want to be loved. And though this form of love may be metal-infused, it is nonetheless there. From to Pantera to Slipknot, romance doesn’t seem to be a foreign concept to these dudes. So to celebrate our undying love of metal here’s a list of 13 Heavy Metal Love Songs. But don’t you dare go calling them soft. 

Type O Negative “Love You to Death”
With lyrics about a man trying to prove himself as a worthy lover, the late Peter Steele wrote many dark songs with themes of romance, depression and death, leading the band to be nicknamed “The Drab Four.”

Pantera “This Love”
This track off the band’s breakout album Vulgar Display of Power alternates between mellower and more aggressive sections, telling the story of one of singer Phil Anselmo’s previous relationships.

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