Kanye West Tells Radio DJs To “Shut The F–k Up”

by (@emilyexton)

It’s 2014 and your first juicy Kanye West rant is here. During last night’s Yeezus show in University Park, Pa, Kanye interrupted his live version of “Touch The Sky” to tell his audiences about a little something that’s been on his mind: “If I go to a radio interview, shut the f–k up!”

Like recent sentiments expressed by Drake over his Rolling Stone interview, Kanye is apparently frustrated by those dense media types who have a field day with his words–especially if they’re making fun of the material he’s worked so hard to create. “We in the studio every night, 5 AM. We writing that s–t, working hard on that s–t. This ain’t no joke!” Kanye said. “We ain’t thinking about nobody. We thinking about Shakespeare, we thinking about Beethoven,” he added, with the same inflection his soon-to-be mother-in-law uses on the second syllable of his first name. (Warning: Kris Jenner is contagious.) Just as we’re celebrating 10 years of The College Dropout, Yeezy says he’s been plagued by 10 years of this media circus, going so far as to name-check Power 105.1 host Charlamagne and MTV’s Sway and ask them what they’ve accomplished in that time. To be fair: a lot!

It’s serious, but also comical, with Yeezy calming himself down to ensure he’s taken seriously lest we all want to make this into a little joke, too. After seeing Drizzy resolve to never do another interview again (no!) and Kanye go off unprovoked about the past, are journalists and DJs the problem, or are these artists too sensitive?

If nothing else, last night’s display gives us a chance to revisit the Great Kanye Quote Canon. How does Yeezy’s rant compare to some of his most ridiculous statements of 2013?

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