That Metal Gear: Mark Tremonti

by (@BHSmithNYC)
Mark Tremonti's Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier. Live he uses these along with PRS and Fender models.

Mark Tremonti’s Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier. Live he uses these along with PRS and Fender models.

What gear are you using these days?

What kind of gear am I not using these days? My rig is always changing, but Mesa Boogie Rectifiers are my favorite rhythm amplifier. It’s kind of been in my rig since day one. And then the new PRS Archon amp made it into my rig for both rhythm and lead. I also use Fender Twins, the ‘65 Twin Reverb Reissue with the open back. That’s kind of my live rig.  For effects I use my signature Morley Wah and a hand wired (Ibanez) Tube Screamer. And I use a G-Lab delay and the effects loop for a little atmosphere on the leads. That’s about it.

And for guitars you’re still using the Tremonti signature Paul Reed Smith?

Yeah. I’ve been using those ever since they came out. And it’s still my favorite guitar in the world. If I don’t use that guitar, it’s because I’m at home learning a Stevie Ray Vaughan song with my Strat or something. But, usually I’m always just playing my guitar.

Mark's favorite charcoal- burst PRS guitar.

Mark’s favorite charcoal- burst PRS guitar.

Do you have one favorite guitar?

Yeah, it’s a PRS charcoal-burst single cutaway. I think it was the second single cut they ever made with the bar on it. It’s just a beautiful guitar.  Mine was the very first single cutaway style PRS. And then they got sued over it and had to take it off the shelves for quite some time, I think about 3 years. Once they won the lawsuit they released another version but it was pretty devastating for me. It was a tough, tough thing to hear. It just took the wind out of our sails for a little while there, because it was one of their top selling signature models and it’s still the number one selling signature model to this day. But for all those years it was off the shelf, it kind of lost a little of its steam.

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