10 Unexpected Metalheads: Which Celebs Love Banging Their Heads To Heavy Metal?

by (@BHSmithNYC)

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We all know what a metalhead looks like, right? They’re big, hairy dudes, covered in tattoos and wearing the prerequisite uniform of denim and leather, as Saxon sang of, covered in patches of their favorite heavy metal bands. Well, take a gander at the following glamorous, well-coiffed, self-professed heavy metal maniacs from the world’s of TV, film, sports and politics and prepare to have your narrow-minded prejudices shattered into a million pieces.

It makes sense that many athletes love the metal as it’s barnstorming anthems is the perfect psych-up music before taking the field but did you know that those ranks include Olympic gold-medalist Sage Kotsenburg? Did you know that Academy-Award nominated leading man Michael Fassbender gets down to Slayer and used to play in a metal band in his youth? Surely it makes sense that musicians have wide listening habits but we were generally taken aback when we learned sensitive singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson loves Red Fang and experimental pop shocker Lady Gaga gets down to the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. And musicians and athletes aren’t the only celebrities that love heavy riffs and maximum overkill heavy metal rock n’ roll. Did you know that Prince Harry, the fourth in line to the British throne, loves thrash metal’s Big 4? Now that’s f***ing metal. So peruse these 10 unexpected metalheads and see why heavy metal is the universal language!

Hear acoustic singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson talk about his, perhaps surprising, love of heavy metal!

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