#FAIL: 10 Most Epic Music Award Show Crashes


8. Bob Dylan and the Soy Bomb Dude at the 1998 Grammys

We have to give it up to Bob Dylan for being a true professional. During his 1998 performance of “Love Sick” a shirtless man with “Soy Bomb” scrolled on his chest walked onto the stage and started dancing, or possibly having a seizure. Thankfully, Dylan kept a straight face and kept it moving. Now if that were us we would have fallen down laughing until we cried. We’re all for freedom of expression and everybody being able to dance, but come on now. This guy would have never made it past the first round of So You Think You Can Dance. We guess he does think he can dance.We give the “Soy Bomb” dude a great big soy bomb #FAIL. But we give Mr. Dylan a #WINNING for just being a really cool dude.


7. Limp Bizkit and Tim Commerford from Rage Against the Machine at the 2000 VMAs

Before Limp Bizkit got out of their seats to accept their award for Best Rock Video, the bassist for Rage Against the Machine, Tim Commerford, was plotting to disrupt the entire show. As Limp Bizkit walked to the podium, Commerford thought it would be a smart idea to climb up a stage decoration. While Limp Bizkit accepted their award they were unable to give a proper speech because everyone was to distracted by the chaos that was going on behind them. As Commerford perched himself atop the structure swaying it back and forth the audience started shouting. What where they shouting, you ask? We’re glad you asked. While Commerford thought everyone was chanting his name he soon realized that they were shouting “JUMP!” Really dude, you though they’d support your shenanigans? Nope! When security finally got Commerford down he was handcuffed and arrested, but not without putting up a fight. He spent the night in jail and pled guilty to disorderly conduct. #FAIL

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