#FAIL: 10 Most Epic Music Award Show Crashes


6. Justice and Kanye West at the 2006 MTV Europe Awards

Kanye really showed his true colors at the 2006 MTV Europe Award. Apparently he felt that he should have been the only artist to win an award. In a true GH-A-ETTO move, Kanye rushed the stage and interrupted Justice’s acceptance speech. He proclaimed that his video should have won for best video because it cost a million dollars to make. Really, Kanye! You feel you should have won for that, how about you take a chill pill and sit down and let the real winners accept their award. You’re not going to win everything and just because you chose to spend that much on a video doesn’t mean people are going to think it’s the best. You get a ginormous #FAIL and put in time out. If you’re going to act like a child we’re going to treat you like one.


5. Panic! at the Disco and Six at the 2006 VMAs

When Panic! at the Disco won Video of the Year Award at the 2006 VMAs, they were truly surprised. In the process of receiving their award a man by the name of Sixx grabbed the microphone and started ranting that MTV never gave him his own show. Well now Mr. Sixx, we’re not sure what kind of show you were looking to put on the air but we’re pretty sure after this stunt no one would have watched. By the way how did you get in here in the first place? SECURITY! Just for your name I’m giving you sixx #FAILs.

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