#FAIL: 10 Most Epic Music Award Show Crashes


2. Jay Z, Kanye West, and a fan at the 2011 VMAs

Someone thought that Kanye needed a taste of his own medicine. During his joint performance with Jay Z of their hit song, “Otis,” a fan thought it would be a good idea to jump on the stage. We’re sure everyone would have loved it if the guy grabbed the microphone out of Kanye’s hand and started ranting about how Bruno Mars had the best performance of the night. Unfortunately, security was on their game and quickly got the performance crasher off the stage. Maybe next time. We don’t know about you, but we would have loved to see what Kanye would have done if someone interrupted him. We’re guessing a possible brawl, police, a padded room, and maybe a strait jacket for West. That’s a great big #FAIL on the Kanye getting kanyed but a great being #WINNING for Jay Z for not body slamming the fan.


1. Miguel and two fans at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

I don’t know if Miguel thought he was Superman or a bird but he thought he was something. The “Adorn” singer thought it would be a smart idea to leap across a pit full of fans. Well guess what Miguel this was a huge #FAIL for you. At the end of his leap he kicked two female fans in the face and landed another one’s skull. Miguel, sweetie, let’s keep the flying to birds and FICTIONAL superheroes, OH-KAY?


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