Guess The Heavy Metal Crotch: Do You Know Which Rock Gods These Loins Belong To?

by (@BHSmithNYC)


Rock and roll is for the most part about sex. Actually the term “Rock N’ Roll” is an old blues term which literally refers to rocking and rolling between the sheets, creating the two-backed beast, getting busy, in other words, having sex. So it makes sense that the music itself often deals with the actions happening down in the nether regions. Heavy metal,┬ábeing one of the most outrageous permutations of rock n’roll, has a long history of not only celebrating that most holy of holies in song but in costume as well. From the skin-tight pants of ’70s rockers like Led Zeppelin that left little to the imagination to the attention grabbing codpieces of Kiss and others, heavy metal bands have always tried to bring your eyes below the belt. So rather than trying to dress things up and talk about rock n’ roll as a force for revolutionary self-examination and critical thinking we think it’s time to celebrate the great crotches of hard rock, both male and female. Take a guilt-free gander at the following groins and see if you can guess the rock gods they’re attached to. We promise not to judge if you stare too long.

This “metal god” kept things hot rockin’ on stage by driving out mid-concert on a motorcycle.

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