Sure, They Can Date Rock Stars, But Can Any Supermodels Actually Sing?

by (@megsokay)
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Models and rock stars go together like rhythm and blues, but do models and music go together? For some reason, it’s not enough for most supermodels that they are the most beautiful women in the world; they want to be pop stars, too! Of course, life’s not fair, and some of these supermodels have totally crossed over into the world of music. Luckily, that’s not usually the case. What usually happens is that an overly confident model tries to sing in public to spectacularly embarrassing results. Here are ten examples of supermodels who made super efforts at singing stardom ranked from least to most embarrassing.

10) Karen Elson‘s video for “The Ghost Who Walks”

Let’s get this out of the way: Karen Elson‘s transition from supermodel to rocker isn’t embarrassing at all! “Fashion’s Red Queen” started performing in cabaret theaters in New York City ten years ago and immediately garnered a positive critical reception. She started working on her first album in secret while she was still married to Jack White. Eventually, he found out about her musical ambitions and helped produce her critically acclaimed first album.

9) Milla Jovovich performing “The Gentleman Who Fell” 

Like Elson, the only thing that’s embarrassing about Milla Jovovich‘s music career is that some people might find her sincere love of poetry mixed with pop mixed with Ukrainian folk songs mixed with a hint of fairy dust is, well, cheesy. But do you know what’s more embarrassing? Being best-known for starring in the Resident Evil films when you could have been a cool niche musician.

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