Sure, They Can Date Rock Stars, But Can Any Supermodels Actually Sing?

by (@megsokay)

4) That time Kate Moss got drunk and sang with Babyshambles

If any other woman in the world drunkenly stormed a stage during her troubled boyfriend’s gig and started singing, “Is she more beautiful than me?” in an off-key pitch, we’d laugh her off stage. Kate Moss only gets a bye on this mess of a performance because she’s singing in Montmatre, where this kind of thing seems really cool, and because she’s Kate Moss, and everything she does is cool.

3) Tyra Banks “Shake Ya Body”

Never forget that Tyra Banks not only believed that she could be a major pop star, but she also incorporated the finalists from season two of America’s Next Top Model into her big music video. There are even serif font chyrons of their names. “Yoanna…” “April…” “Shandi…”

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