Queen B****? A Tribute To Beyonce’s Shade Throwing



Let’s get one thing straight: You do NOT mess with Beyonce! She will slice you down with a side-eye so strong your grandchildren will feel it. Hey, she’s not the Queen for nothin’. The lovely, beautiful and talented Mrs. Carter is adored around the world for her music and good deeds, but she’s not afraid to be tough as nails every now and again. We’ve collected 10 of our very favorite diva-tastic moments from over the years. So now, without further ado, here are Beyonce’s shadiest moments!

10. Riri Rivalry


Rumors of Beyonce’s beef with Rihanna go way back (and even continue to this day). When Complex asked her to comment on the Riri rivalry, Bey delivered with a masterclass in passive-agression, saying “I have an authentic, God-given talent, drive, and longevity that will always separate me from everyone else.”


9. Right On Target


Beyonce herself used to frequent Target (you just know she called it “Tar-JAY”), but when the retail giant refused to stock her new album in December, some revenge was in order. Soon she was seen at a Wal-Mart in Massachusetts, handing out $37,500 worth of gift cards. Bey: 0, Target: 0.


8. Not Keeping Up With The Kardashians


When Carter family friend Kanye West started dating Kim Kardashian, Beyonce was rumored to be unhappy with being associated with reality TV royalty. Witnesses say that she and sister Solange were giving Kim some serious cold shoulder at the 2012 BET Awards. “I was there and could see Bey and Solange throwing shade,” they told Hollywoodlife.com. “She wasn’t even talking to her and Bey didn’t even give Kim a hug or a f—ing high-five or nothing when she won her awards,” the eyewitness reported.

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