After Sexy Late-Night Dates Across Europe, Are Drake And Rihanna Finally Making Their Relationship Official?

by (@emilyexton)

March 5-6: RiRi was spotted in the audience at Drake’s show, and the two were seen dining at Izakaya in Amsterdam later that night.

Is this a date?: She’s obviously not tired of seeing him perform…

March 8: Drake performed Rihanna’s “Stay” during his live show, giving Vin Diesel a run for his money.

Is this a date? They are both fans of each other’s work.

March 9: Spotted eating dinner together at Nobu in London.

Is this a date? YES. Sunday nights possess a certain level of intimacy, so sharing a meal on this sacred day suggests there’s a comfort there–moreso than that of a casual first or second date or late-night booty call.

March 11-13: Rihanna was seen at Drake’s Manchester show, and the two were spotted at All Star Lanes bowling alley later that night. On Wednesday they hit up Sugden Sports Centre for some late-night basketball.

Is this a date? Did her friends get with his friends? Did they split up and play guys vs. girls? Did he playfully let her score when we all know he could have easily blocked her shot? Definitely a date. Or dates, we should say.

It’s all happening, y’all! With any luck, Drake and Rihanna will join this elite club by the end of the year.

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