Maroon 5 Degrees Of Separation: How Everyone Is Connected To Birthday Boy Adam Levine!

by (@megsokay)
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Everyone knows who Adam Levine is, but did you know that there’s a fair chance that Adam Levine knows who everyone else is? From Jonah Hill to Tim Gunn, Shania Twain to Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, everyone is tied to the sexy singer in some bizarre way. So, in honor of his 35th Birthday, we want to celebrate how we’re all “Maroon 5 Degrees” away from Adam Levine.

We’ve become convinced that Adam Levine is our generation’s Kevin Bacon. Between Maroon 5The Voice, his television appearances and his circle of BFFs, Levine is somehow connected to pretty much everyone famous in the world, so it makes sense that he’s probably also connected to everyone in the world.

So we want to know what YOUR connection is. Did you meet him at a club? Did your brother’s girlfriend’s best friend meet him backstage somewhere? DO YOU VOTE FOR HIS TEAM ON THE VOICE EVERY WEEK?

Tweet at us @VH1Music your connection with #Maroon5Degrees and your claim to fame might be retweeted!

Oh, and before we forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!
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