Shillin’ Out: 15 Huge Musicians We Can’t Believe Sang Commercial Jingles

by (@JordanRuntagh)

12. Mary J. Blige for Burger King (2012)

Ooof. This ad for burger royalty met with some pretty nasty blowback. Blige herself claims that the spot aired only semi-complete (it was supposed to have a dream sequence?), and accusations of corporate racism soon began to fly. The clip was soon pulled, apparently because of a licensing issue. Riiiiight.


11. Ted Nugent for Energizer (1993)

We gotta say, the Nuge has a pretty good sense of humor in this commercial-within-a-commercial. He really sells it for the non-existant Tex-Mex place he pretends to shill for, likely proving the inspiration for Bud Light’s beloved “Real Men Of Genius” radio spot. Then, of course, he’s interrupted by the dreaded Energizer Bunny.


10. The Rolling Stones for Rice Crispies (1963)

Yup, that really IS a pre-fame Mick and the boys stompin’ out a pretty catchy big beat track for Snap Crackle and Pop. Consider our minds blown! The spot inspired a similar plot point on the AMC series Mad Men, borrowing “Time Is On My Side” for Heinz ketchup. We’d like to see that one, too.

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