Best Things In Life Aren’t Free: How Much Money Do Artists Spend To Smooth Over Relationships?

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Let’s face it — we all make mistakes. But when you’re a major music star, your mishaps tend to loom larger than those of the masses, especially if you’re in a high-profile relationship. Since you want to quickly deflect scrutiny from the woes of your love life, you’ll probably need to make a major public display to keep things quiet while you deal with your issues. And if anyone knows about “big public displays,” it’s music artists.

However, some stars have dropped some serious cash to calm the headwinds of their crazy love lives, either right as they faced the onslaught of the rumor mill or waiting for time to pass. Either way, when those dollars start flying, it’s easy to wonder whether some dirt was actually done to warrant such pricey gifts. In a clip from earlier this week, catch our panelists from The Gossip Table detail a low-cost attempt from a famous pop star to woo back his woman.

Check out our gallery of stars who appeared to use their deep pockets to keep the peace in their relationships, and discover that in the music biz, love does cost a thing!

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