20 Celebrity Couples Who Got It ON In Music Videos

by (@TaylorFerber)

8. Jennifer Lopez + Casper Smart “Dance Again” (2012)

Blindfolds, poles and abs, Oh my! This is dirty dancing if we’ve ever seen it. Patrick Swayze would be proud.


7. Chrissy Teigen + John Legend “All of Me” (2013)

Between her model-gorgeousness and his dimples (not to mention killer, heart wrenching vocals) this video explodes with sexiness. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and sensual. Can they start having beautiful babies now? Not that we’re living through them or anything…


6. Jessica Simpson + Nick Lachey “Sweetest Sin” (2003)

Even though the Newlyweds couple is no longer together, this video is seriously steamy.

“It would feel so good to be so bad!” Rawr!


5. Paula Patton + Robin Thicke “Love After War” (2011)

Regardless of this couple’s current situation, they are both beyond sexual in this video. It’s so great watching attractive people in love…C’mon Paula, give your man some love after war! And catch it on video. For our sake.

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