Metal On Metal: The 20 Greatest Heavy Metal Songs With The Word “Metal” In The Title

by (@BHSmithNYC)

As we all know, besides being the greatest musical style in the history of mankind, heavy metal is also one of loudest and proudest. Fans fly the metal banner with pride and what better way for bands to show their allegiance to the cause than by name checking the genre in the title of their greatest heavy metal anthems? We are all part of the “Metal Militia,” so dedicated to it we can’t get our “Mind Over Metal” because we’re such “Heavy Metal Maniac”s and wish we lived in “Metal Metal Land” where we could study “The Book of Heavy Metal,” carefully turning the page of course since we’re wearing “Gloves Of Metal,” and worshipping the “Metal Gods” during this awesome “Metal Age.”

The following is our list of the top 20 heavy metal and hard rock songs with the word “metal” in the title. Honestly, it was hard to cut this list down to a mere 20 songs. I mean, Manowar alone have at least SIX songs with the word “metal” in the title and how do you choose between two songs as equally awesome as “Metal Daze” and “Gloves Of Metal”? And there’s more. How can we not include T.T. Quick’s “Metal Of Honor” or H Bomb’s “Coup De Metal” or Piledriver’s “Metal Inquisition” in this list? But alas, such hard choices are one of the duties in our post in the “Metal Command” so as an added bonus on the final page of this article you’ll find a list of 20 runners up that while great didn’t have the metal, I mean mettle, to make it to the top 20.

20. Exciter “Heavy Metal Maniac”
These pioneering Canadian speed metal merchants make their allegiance to the genre clear on the title track to their 1983 debut album.

19. Dream Evil “The Book of Heavy Metal”
Reading and headbanging go hand in hand for the Swedish metalheads who profess their religious beliefs to include prayer and exclusive worship of “the heavy metal gods.”

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