Rihanna’s Most Creatively Revealing Looks

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Rihanna wears sexuality the way the rest of us wear a hat to a sports game — very casually, and very naturally. Sex just suits her very, very well, and even though her personal brand of erotica might seem very outlandish on someone else, it read as almost inconspicuous on her. No one bats an eye when she wears short-shorts and a crop top in the middle of winter, because it’s just Rihanna doing Rihanna, and for whatever reason, it works.

Semi-nudity is RiRi’s calling card, and we’re increasingly impressed by her ability to blend high fashion with sexuality. Moreover, the ways in which Rihanna shows of her killer body can be highly creative — where a lesser woman might just wear a mini skirt or a body con dress, Rihanna gets completely creative with wacky ensembles that truly innovate the art of nudity.

Check out some of Rihanna’s most creatively revealing looks up in the gallery above!

[Photo: Getty Images/Def Jam Records]

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