Lana Del Rey Takes Coachella With Her New Single “West Coast,” But Do YOU Like It?

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Have you been dying for a brand new Lana Del Rey song? Well, the wait is finally over. Lana debuted her new single, “West Coast,” during her set at Coachella last night. The festival audience gave it rave reviews, but we want to know what you think.

Lana Del Rey has certainly come a long way from when she first burst onto the scene as an internet star with her hit song, “Video Games.” She quickly found a niche for herself as the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” but the jury was out on whether or not she could be a real pop star. Sure, her husky alto dripped like molasses over the infectious hooks in “Born To Die” and “Blue Jeans,” but she was a notoriously bad live performer. Her debut performance on Saturday Night Live was so laughably awkward that people still joke about it.

When VH1 News interviewed Del Rey back in 2012, she was disappointed about not making that year’s Coachella line up and mused, “I’m probably not the best candidate for f***ing Coachella, you know? I stand there and sing. I’m not that exciting.”

By all accounts, Del Rey’s 2014 Coachella performance was far from laughable and pretty darn exciting. Billboard published a rave review of her set and critic Jason Lipshutz wrote that “at the center of the well-rounded stage show was Del Rey’s eccentric personality, which shone through each movement and every offhand comment.” The crowd ate it up. At one point, she descended from the stage and kissed audience members. So, Lana Del Rey is no flash in the pan. She’s not boring. She’s a legitimate pop star.

Del Rey’s newest single, “West Coast,” boasts the singer’s trademark combination of wistfully romantic lyrics and hypnotic beats, but it also signals a step forward. But is it as good as some of her other hits? Or is it even better?

What do YOU think of Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast?”

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