Surprise! The 12 Greatest Hidden Tracks In Music

by (@JordanRuntagh)

9. “Iron Gland” off Alice in Chains’ Dirt (1992)

Alice In Chains bucked the trend by putting their surprise track in between album cuts instead of at the very end. It’s a funny tribute to Black Sabbath’s immortal “Iron Man,” but it also gets in some sly references to Stanley Kubrick‘s, The Shining.


8. “Diamond Bollocks” off Beck’s Mutations (1998)

Although it was originally intended for inclusion, Beck decided to stick it unlisted at the very end of the record to as a sort of gateway to his next work (which turned out to be Midnite Vultures). The man himself had this to say when discussing his hidden track on KCRW Radio: “We literally, in one night, recorded eight songs, then took the 24-track tapes and cut them all up on a tape and created this crazy song. It was more about the process than the actual song, but I ended up liking the song too. It’s like the wayward son at the Thanksgiving dinner who just doesn’t really fit in with the family anymore, is the black sheep. So you put him at the end of the table.”

7. “Master/Slave” off Pearl Jam’s Ten (1991)

Rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard doesn’t appear on this wordless track, which was centered primarily around Jeff Ament‘s bassline and Eddie Vedder‘s improvised tones. “I heard the bass line and then we kind of were collaborating on that in the control room,” producer Rick Parashar recalled for Guitar World in 2002. And then I just started programming on the keyboard all this stuff; he was jamming with it and it just kind of came about like that.”

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