Metallica’s Robert Trujillo Talks About His New Jaco Pastorius Documentary And The Bassist’s Influence On His Music

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Robert_Trujillo3Robert Trujillo talks to fans at Metallica’s Orion Festival. [Photo: Getty Images]

With Record Store Day coming I was wondering, what was the first record you ever bought for yourself?

The first album I ever bought was Santana’s Abraxas. Obviously, I was a huge fan of Carlos because he had the unique guitar sound and he had incorporated a lot of the percussion and really, really fun rhythmic bass lines in there, too. But the other thing was the album covers, man. The album covers were sexy. They were so bad-ass. I think it might have been Santana III or something where he had this kind of cobra flying in the air and like a volcano and you’re like, “What’s that?” And you open up the jacket and you see the band and they all look really cool. You see Neal Schon and he’s like 17-years-old. That was one of the cool things also and that’s one of the cool things about Record Store Day is that they’re celebrating the packaging, bringing it back to the old school. In fact, the Jaco release, which is titled Modern America Music…Period!, that album, even the record jacket and the artwork, everything was done in the same style as the original and how they used to sort of design, the materials used, everything about the original releases. And I thought that was very cool, too, like really, really focusing on the fine details of a vinyl package.

Metallica_James_RobertRobert Trujillo on stage with Metallica’ James Hetfield. [Photo: Getty Images]

And finally, of course, I have to ask, what can we looking forward to in Metallica-Land over the next year?

We’re writing man. We’ve prepared one song, which may or may not be on the album, but it’s a lot of fun. We’re playing it live. It’s called “Lords of Summer”. We had some fun putting that together. And there’s a lot of really, really great riffs and possibilities for some great new songs. I’m really excited. I think we’re all very excited. We actually started writing about a year ago and then we kind of had to step aside from it because of the Through the Never film but now we’re back into the swing of things and that’s our goal this next year: to prepare a whole bunch of cool music. It feels like Death Magnetic was the launch pad for what we’re about to do in a lot of ways. That album took a lot of time to make but the good thing about it was it was a way to establish how we work together, at least this version of the band. And now we feel like we’re a better band. We’ve had a lot of challenges in recent years as a unit and now we can take that to the studio and make something great with it. Hopefully everyone will love it.

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