Who Run The World? The 15 Greatest Girl Power Anthems

by (@TaylorFerber)

9. “Conceited” by Remy Ma

Let’s not beat around the bush, here. We’re hot and we know it! Why stop there? Miraculous. Phenomenal. You name it. Remy Ma knows she’s hot and isn’t ashamed. Feeling good and you know it? You’re allowed! Work, girl!

Greatest line: “Look at yourself in the mirror like…damn, I look good!”


8. “No Scrubs” by TLC

In 1999, the fabulously fierce TLC taught us to never settle. That means no boys that live at home with their mama. Or hang out of their best friend’s car. No matter how you slice it, this checklist is necessary. Yes son, we’re talkin’ to you.

Greatest line: “I’m lookin’ like class and he’s lookin’ like trash, can’t get with no deadbeat ass!”


7. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain

Let’s go girls! The juxtapositions in this song are just TOO good, and remind us how amazing it is to let loose and be our fun, flirty, awesome selves. Man shirts, short skirts…we can rock it all! Men wouldn’t look as good in short skirts, anyway.

Greatest line: “The best thing about bein’ a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun!”

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