Could Nicki Minaj Be Hip Hop’s Dolly Parton?

by (@megsokay)
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There’s only one Dolly Parton and will only ever be one Dolly Parton. That said, the country goddess has some interesting heirs to her pop culture throne. Obviously, her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, is first on the list in the pop-country scene, but is Nicki Minaj hip hop’s answer to Dolly? Based upon how Minaj’s marketed herself, dressed herself and made the crossover to film roles, we have to say, “yes.”

We first noticed that there might be a style connection between Minaj and Parton when Minaj showed up to Good Morning America looking very Dolly-esque back in 2012. Since then, Ms. Minaj has carved out a name for herself for wearing outrageous and boobiful dresses, much like Parton has done over the decades.

However, the connection goes deeper than that. Sure, both artists like to present themselves as over-the-top caricatures, but behind-the-scenes they’re both fierce businesswomen who have an abundance of love for their young fans and they both keep their personal lives under wraps. They also have made the leap onto the big screen.

Minaj makes her onscreen debut in this weekend’s The Other Woman. The film is a comedy about a group of women who band together to bring a sleazy cheater down. Minaj plays the super sexy assistant to Cameron Diaz‘s character, which is interesting when you consider that Dolly Parton famously made her onscreen debut as the sexy secretary in the gender revenge comedy 9 to 5.

So, could Nicki Minaj be hip hop’s Dolly Parton? Well, she certainly has the wigs for it.

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