Dirty Dancing: The Sexiest Dance Orgies In Pop

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Choreographed dance in pop music has always been sexy. It’s not every day that in boundary pushing sex appeal music devolves into full on orgy. But it does happen that every so often amidst the throwing of elbows and the dipping of hips that a dance routine will turn into a full blow, sweaty, simulated orgy. The kind of thing you probably don’t want to watch in the same room as your parents.

With queens like Madonna and Britney Spears setting the bar for group dance-sex, things get pretty damn heated. With orgasm faces, bodies wet with sweat and general writhing about seductively, some dance orgies end up looking quite realistic. Obvious contenders like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are on the dance orgy grind, and even more innocuous players like Kelly Rowland and Elton John are getting raunchy in their routines.

Head up to the gallery above to check out some of the most salacious, sexy and seductive dance orgies pop music has to offer…

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