Listen Closer! 35 Songs You Didn’t Know Feature Famous Background Singers

by (@JordanRuntagh)
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Beach Boys on a Pink Floyd classic? The Beatles on a Rolling Stones disc? Whitney Houston backing Chaka Khan?! No, these aren’t our picks for the best fantasy duets ever -They really happened! And what’s more, you’ve been listening to them for years and probably NEVER EVEN NOTICED! Get your headphones ready, because we might just blow your mind.

Yes, stacks of classic tracks feature some truly legendary artists going undercover to lend their voices to the backing vocals. Sometimes you have to really dig in the album liner notes to find out, and other times they go completely uncredited! Occasionally they helped writer the song, (like John Lennon on David Bowie‘s “Fame”), other times they produced the record (like Elvis Costello hidden in the ’80s anthem “Tempted” by Squeeze), or maybe just weren’t doing anything that day. Whatever the case, the results are a feast for the ears….albeit a subtle one. The stars checked their egos at the door to deliver nuanced vocal support that doesn’t steal the show.

Head up to the gallery above for 35 songs you probably didn’t background singing by some incredibly famous musicians. We guarantee, you’ll be running for your headphones for a closer listen!

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