The 10 Best Beyonce + Jay Z Collaborations

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There is no more dominant couple in music—let alone pop culture—than Jay Z and Beyonce. The two separately have topped the charts with hit after hit and surprise album after surprise album, but together they make magic. While they never have truly recorded a duet, the two have collaborated a number of times—lending backing vocals and 16 bars to each other’s songs. Among them, “Crazy In Love,” “Drunk In Love,” and “03′ Bonnie & Clyde.” With the news that the two are planning to embark on their first official tour together, we can’t help but review all their best musical moments.

Once you’re done debating the list, check out the above gallery of the two performers acting all “crazy in love.”

10. “That’s How You Like It”

The other collaboration from Bey’s debut album got lost under a collection of stronger tracks, including “Crazy In Love.” It’s certainly not the worst song either artist has produced but it’s not the strongest either.

9. “Hollywood/Welcome To Hollywood”

This song appeared on each of their solo works (B’Day deluxe edition and Kingdom Come). It mostly served as filler but Bey’s vocals are slick as ever as she snarls “Hollywood.”

8. “03′ Bonnie & Clyde”

Nothing is more irritating than the apostrophe appearing after “03.” What does it mean? Was it a typo that they were so adamant wasn’t a typo that they just stuck by it as they ran from the law or whatever Bonnie-and-Clyde-nonsense they got up to? The song is certainly slick. Too bad it appeared on the less than stellar Blueprint Part 2: The Gift & The Curse.

7. “Part II (On The Run)”

The next two songs can easily be switched depending on your preference for the tracks. But it’s clear that the stronger set of tracks come when Bey’s leading the pack.

6. “Déjà Vu”

The success of this track is largely driven by the soul vibe and bombastic horns. Bey serves Southern drawl and Jay Z plays cat to her vocal’s mouse in a funky riff. It’s energetic, which we expect from these two.

5. “Lift Off”

You can’t discuss Bey and Jay Z without throwing Kanye West into the mix. At times, the rapper is the third wheel to these two, but on Watch The Throne he belongs there in between the two. After all, Bey did convince Kanye West to rap about Jay’s penis on “Ego” so it’s only fair he gets in on the action.

4. “Upgrade U”

Hands down, this song is a party-starter. The horns come blasting in as Bey talks about upgrading her man. But hey, Jay doesn’t mind. He’s enjoying the riding of their second, more exciting collaboration on B’Day.

3. “Crazy In Love”

The debut solo single from Beyonce is easily considered her best song. It introduced the world to a fresh young singer free of any responsibilities (aka those other two destiny’s childs) and ready to party. Jay Z was coming off a down year (BP2) and thanks to a self-aware guest verse, suddenly saw his career revitalized and ready for more action. (Jay, you owe your wifey for this one.)

2. “Drunk In Love”

Just over a decade later, the two record an answer to Bey’s first single. “Drunk In Love” is screwy, slick and fun. With a carefree attitude, Bey lets loose about her affections for Jay that has them reinventing the main use of the kitchen. Meanwhile, Jay offers a few bars about playing hard and playing it loose with his wife. Things get a little twisted with references to Tina Turner but the song steers things back to getting drunk… in love.

1. Blue Ivy Carter

What came out of all these musical collaborations? The most buzzworthy baby on the planet. Not even Prince George gets the same attention Blue does when it comes to media frenzy over pictures—and even musical appearances. While Jay and Bey don’t appear on their respective songs about their daughter, she does. Both “Blue” and “Glory” feature their most important collaboration yet.

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