The 20 Greatest Metal Films Of All Time: Heavy Metal Movies Author Mike “McBeardo” McPadden Counts Down The Heaviest Flicks Ever!

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Rock ‘N’Roll Nightmare (1987)
Jon Mikl Thor, front-maven of the band Thor, is a mega-muscled bodybuilder and hugely theatrical metal showman. Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare supplies him with an ideal vehicle for entertainment. Thor plays a longhaired hard rock singer (quite a stretch) who retreats to a remote country home in order to record a new album. In doing so, he conjures demon-warriors, played mostly by hand puppets, which he must defeat en route to going mano-a-cloven-mano with Satan himself. This nightmare, from the future director of Black Roses, is a cheese-metal fright flick lover’s dream.

The Road Warrior (1982)
Mad Max (1979) introduced Mel Gibson as vengeful Australian motorcycle cop in the wake of some kind of global calamity. The Road Warrior ups the metal factor with hot chrome, black leather, and mechanized death in every frame, beginning after law and order has collapsed entirely, and with Max just driving the highways, simply killing to survive. Complications ensue—as does the most spectacular of all post-nuke sci-fi action blowouts—when Max chooses to defend a ramshackle little society against a new breed of barbarians emerging from the end of the world. Like a heavy metal rock opera roaring ahead into our eyes and ears, The Road Warrior brings the apocalypse right to you—and just keeps speeding onward.

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