The 20 Greatest Metal Films Of All Time: Heavy Metal Movies Author Mike “McBeardo” McPadden Counts Down The Heaviest Flicks Ever!

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Hard Rock Zombies (1985)
Hard Rock Zombies chronicles a mousse-drunk hair metal band at odds with the residents of a small town named Grand Guignol. The tension is understandable as the locals include evil dwarves, a matronly werewolf, a teenage leading lady with eyebrows that resemble Buzz Osbourne of the Melvins’ on an off hair-day, and, ja indeed, Adolph Hitler. Spoiler alert: by the end, the band members are all zombies.

The Exorcist (1973)
Hailed by many as the most frightening film ever made, The Exorcist unleashed Hell into popular culture, spawning a public fascination with the occult and innumerable imitation horror movies, as well as profoundly informing and inspiring a developing outpost of rock and roll to seize the cosmic power of the satanic unknown and forever after represent music’s most mighty and extreme forefront: heavy f’n metal.

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