Judas Priest Interview: Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton And Richie Faulkner Tell How They Let The Metal Roar On New Album Redeemer Of Souls

by (@BHSmithNYC)

After all these years what is it about heavy metal music that still gets you excited?

Glenn Tipton: Just a general love for Judas Priest music and heavy metal as well. You know through the years many bands have disowned the tag when it became unfashionable to be heavy metal. We’ve always been puzzled by that. We’ve always been proud to be a heavy metal band and I think the fans can detect that. They know when you’re genuine and we just love to go out and play our style of heavy metal.

Richie Faulkner: It’s amazing, obviously, being the newest member of the band not having that 40 year career yet. But the amazing sense of community and family that you experience every night with the fans and that’s exciting to anyone to just be part of that family, community, tribe, clan, whatever you want to call it and we’re all the same. We all love metal as much as the next person. We’re up there and it’s just like a big community spirit. That’s a really exciting thing to experience as well.

What were you guys looking to achieve artistically on this record?

Rob: We never ever sit down and kind of premeditate what we’re going to do. That’s the great purity of Priest’s music. It does come from the heart. We just sit down with a bunch of guitars and the riffs start cranking and we put the vocal melodies together and so on. So it comes from a very pure source. I think this was an opportunity after Nostradamus, our first concept record, which we had an amazing time putting together, but enough time had passed from it to kind of want to reaffirm who we are, which is a classic British heavy metal band. So with that thought in mind the metal started roaring and we feel that all of these songs from Redeemer of Souls reemphasize that statement about what this band is trying to be in the heavy metal world.

Glenn: What we intended to do with this album is predominately create a live sounding album. The guitars were all mic’ed up. The drums aren’t programmed, they’re played. We stripped down Rob’s vocals to a bare minimum of effects and just wanted to play. First and foremost, Judas Priest are a great live band and that’s what we wanted to achieve in the studio.

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