Rev Heads: The Hottest Motorcycle Babes In Music Video History

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Motorcycles, like cars, have quite the phallic connotation. That’s why they make for a strong visual statement when used in music video. From futuristic Batman-style machines to classic shapes, the motorcycle is ubiquitous in pop music video. And what better way to adorn a motorbike than with a pop babe sprawled across it?

There’s nary a babe that hasn’t got in on the motorcycle game. From BeyoncĂ© to Britney Spears and even Shania Twain, any babe who has ever babied has found a way to sneak a motorcycle into their music video. Whether it’s racing down the open road, stylized in the studio, or shared with a hunk of sexy man meat, these women sure know how to ride. Click through our gallery to check out the hottest babes on two motorized wheels.