Hangout Fest: 12 Visuals From The Flaming Lips Show That Will Make You Trip Balls

by (@JordanRuntagh)

The Flaming Lips are the Godfathers of festival bands, taking the pomp, pageantry, and swirling lights to a whole different level with a dazzling display for your eyes as well as your ears. Since the early ’00s, their shows have gotten increasingly more elaborate, featuring¬†balloons, giant puppets, video projections, men in bubbles, and other things to make your head spin.¬†But these days everyone does the confetti, crazy costumes and beach balls, so Wanye Coyne and his band of lovable freaks (our highest compliment) decided to kick it up a notch during their Hangout Fest performance. And what they did changed the game.

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Launching into “She Don’t Use Jelly,” Coyne and Co. hurled massive rubber ducks (some of which appeared to be deceased) into the front rows for the crowd to bounce around, while giant mushrooms and rainbows danced onstage. You read that correctly. From there, things just got increasingly weirder. Aliens came out to play with a giant sun, Wayne’s skin seemed to melt off his body, a full-sized abominable snowman was in there somewhere….We don’t even know, man. Just check out the photos! nWCkWpq

2014 Hangout Festival

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[Gif: Gavin Alaoen/MTV]

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