VIDEO PREMIERE: Fall Out Boy, “Miss Missing You” And “Save Rock And Roll”

by (@BHSmithNYC)

The time is nigh Fall Out Boy faithful. Ever since the spring 2013 release of their album Save Rock and Roll, the band has been rolling out one music video at a time as part of an ongoing series called The Young Blood Chronicles and you can watch the final two chapters right here, right now! Inspired by such stylistic touchstones as The Walking Dead, silent movies and The Lord Of The Rings, the Chronicles depict the group going to literally Hell and back as they wrestle with fame, fortune, drugs, zombies, zombie strippers, zombie strippers dressed as nurses, kidnappers, and most terrifying of all, Courtney Love.  Now with the release tonight of “Miss Missing You” and “Save Rock and Roll,” the whole bloody thing, and it really is quite bloody, comes to a dramatic end.

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz summed up the conclusion, saying, “Elton John as God, Tommy Lee as The Devil. I mean, tell me rock and roll wasn’t saved.” (Oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT: Elton John plays God and Tommy Lee play…OK, you get it). Want to know what it all means and what it was like filming The Young Blood Chronicles? Then log on to tomorrow morning to watch our exclusive song by song commentary with Pete and FOB singer Patrick Stump, as they break down all 11 videos in the series, shot by shot.

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