Nothin’ But A Number: Can You Guess Which Artist Is Older Than The Other?

by (@TaylorFerber)
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Is it weird to think that Justin Bieber is hot? Ariana Grande looks like a baby stripper in those white boots, but they also kind of work for her. It feels creepy to say Selena Gomez is sexy, yet we have no problem going gaga over the swimsuit model that’s her same age.

Why is it so difficult to pinpoint the ages of these larger than life stars? Is it because they’re all blinged up, hitting VIP parties? Is it because we’ve seen their mugshot? On the other hand, maybe it’s because they took a page out of Baby Spice’s book and never looked back.

Whether it’s because of their look, their act, or their reputation, we often assume celebs are a certain age, and we actually may be way off. Imagine Adele shooting whipped cream out of her boobs at her next performance like Katy Perry. Could you picture Taylor Swift rolling around on a beach photo shoot in nothing but a string bikini like Nina Adgal? Awkward, we know.

You would be shocked to learn that some celebs are older or younger than others, while some are the same age (cue the creepiness). Without giving anything away, take a look at these celebs and put your guess to the test.

PS- Regardless of age, it’s okay to think the following celebs are sexy. They’re all (mostly) legal anyway…

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