Fall Out Boy Break Down The Young Blood Chronicles: Watch Patrick Stump And Pete Wentz’ Complete Video Commentary

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Last night Fall Out Boy premiered the final two chapters in The Young Blood Chronicles with the music videos “Miss Missing You” and “Save Rock and Roll.” The series tells the story of a famous rock band who go to literally Hell and back in search of rock and roll redemption over the course of 11 music videos for songs from their album Save Rock and Roll. But what is it they’re really trying to say about the perils of being in a band and what was it like filming them all? Lead singer Patrick Stump and bassist Pete Wentz were kind enough to sit down in front of the cameras and watch the entire series, giving song by song commentary for each video.

The roots of The Young Blood Chronicles lay in the enigmatic music video for “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark,” featuring rapper 2 Chainz. “Basically the 2 Chainz video raised a lot of questions for us and we wanted to follow those leads,” said singer Patrick Stump, adding “(We wanted to) figure out why the band’s in the van, why is he burning all these records, like what’s happening basically.” What followed was an often bloody and always exhilarating thrill ride featuring drugs, zombies, lost limbs, murder and cameos from Courtney Love, Tommy Lee and Elton John among others. Find out what films and TV shows influenced the look of The Young Blood Chronicles, who got hurt during which scenes and what the heck the whole thing means in the end with our exclusive band commentary for all 11 songs.

Go to page 2 to see Pete and Patrick’s commentary for the brand Fall Out Boy videos “Miss Missing You” and “Save Rock and Roll.”

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