From Crabcore To Pornogrind: Metal’s 10 Most Ridiculous Subgenres


Since arriving in the form of Black Sabbath in the late 60s, the heavy metal genre has spawned some absolutely legendary bands, songs and sounds. But let’s be honest, sometimes the lengths some bands go to can get pretty ridiculous. The costumes, the hair, the stage shows, the overall Spinal Tap-ness. And while all those things are excusable and truthfully part of what make the genre awesome, there’s no excuse for some of the silly names that are attached to the various hybrids and stylistic mutations within metal itself A.K.A. THE SUBGENRE. Yup, the constant search for a unique sound in metal has led fans, critics and artists to come up with some pretty, um…interesting labels for what they hear. And by interesting we mean terrible, hilarious and f—ing awesome all at once. Funeral doom, pornogrind and Nintendocore are just a few of these gems. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not knocking the music itself or the bands, most of whom are good, if not downright great. It’s just too bad every time you talk about them you have to mention the unfortunately-named genre label they’ve been attached to. So with that in mind, indulge us and check out the 10 most ridiculous subgenres in the heavy metal universe.

Viking Metal
Post-black metal for Nordic dudes who find the notion of Satan too Christian an idea. No, seriously. Viking metal incorporates elements of Northern European folk music while singing tomes to the heroes of Norse mythology.  Proto-black metal act Bathory were early practitioners of the style, which was carried on by such artists as Enslaved and current champions Amon Amarth, who perform with a Viking longboat on stage.

Death N’ Roll
Just as many of the original hardcore punk bands eventually went back to their hard rock roots as they got older, so too did Scandinavian death metal pioneers Entombed. Many felt the band’s later records created a new style which fused detuned death metal with the riffy swagger of ’70s hard rock, thus Death N’ Roll.  Following in their wake were fellow Norsemen Gorefest, The Cumshots and rising metal stars Kvelertak.

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